For decades, mathematicians have been inching forward on a problem about which sets contain evenly spaced patterns of three numbers. Last month, two...

An illustration of a laptop computer displaying a chart that lists five possible complexity-theoretic worlds: Algorithmica, Heuristica, Pessiland, Minicrypt, and Cryptomania

This semester at the Simons Institute, the Meta-Complexity program is buzzing along with intense activity in the form of multiple reading groups and a...

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Zero-knowledge proofs allow researchers to prove their knowledge without divulging the knowledge itself.

Warm greetings from Berkeley, where it oscillates from cold and foggy SF nights to beautiful sunny weather! The Simons Institute's second decade is off to an exciting start, with research programs on Data-Driven Decision Processes and on Graph Limits and Processes on Networks: From Epidemics to Misinformation running alongside our ongoing research pods on quantum computing and machine learning. 

It has been 10 years since the Simons Institute was established, and what a decade it has been! We celebrated this milestone with a three-day symposium at Berkeley from May 25 through 27.

Greetings from Calvin Lab, where we celebrated our 10-year anniversary with the busiest summer since we first opened our doors.

Director Shafi Goldwasser sits down with Incoming Associate Director Sandy Irani to discuss Sandy’s work and vision for her role at the Institute.