Two hands typing at laptop computer whose screen shows a polytope with a point inside it. Beside the laptop is a book with "Polynomial-Time Pseudodeterministic Construction of Primes" on its cover.

One might recall that one of the inaugural programs hosted by the Simons Institute, back in Fall 2013, was Real Analysis in Computer Science. In the...

Greetings from Berkeley! Summer programs are in full swing at the Simons Institute and it’s been great to see and catch up with many friends from near...

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| Engineering & Technology

In this episode of Polylogues, Sandy Irani sat down with theoretical computer scientist, Pixar co-founder and FOCS Proceedings cover artist Alvy Ray Smith to discuss his rich and varied career.

In his presentation at the Simons Institute, mathematician and best-selling science communicator Jordan Ellenberg (University of Wisconsin–Madison) emboldened his colleagues to practice the art of writing about science for a broad audience.

| Mathematics

For decades, mathematicians have been inching forward on a problem about which sets contain evenly spaced patterns of three numbers. Last month, two computer scientists blew past all of those results.

| Cryptography, Privacy & Security

Cryptographers have shown how perfect security can undermine machine learning models.

| Engineering & Technology

In his Theoretically Speaking public lecture this month, Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith shared his voyage from an early career as a theoretical computer scientist to pioneering the digital graphics revolution.

Greetings from Berkeley, where February is a mixture of glorious spring blossoms and surprise snow flurries.

| Core Theory of Computing

What is the computational complexity of computational complexity? In his Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lecture, Eric Allender (Rutgers University) explored the core themes of the Spring 2023 research program on Meta-Complexity.

| Core Theory of Computing

In 2021, the Simons Institute hosted a workshop titled 50 Years of Satisfiability: The Centrality of SAT in the Theory of Computing. One of the talks was by Simons Institute Founding Director Richard Karp, who gave a firsthand account of early developments in computational complexity theory.

This semester at the Simons Institute, the Meta-Complexity program is buzzing along with intense activity in the form of multiple reading groups and a weekly seminar, on top of the usual three workshops and boot camp.

| Cryptography, Privacy & Security

Rafael Pass (Cornell Tech and Tel Aviv University) gave a two-part tutorial presentation on Cryptography and Kolmogorov Complexity, at the Simons Institute's Meta-Complexity Boot Camp.