Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested in becoming a Postdoctoral Researcher, please see the Participate page.

Simons-Berkeley Postdoctoral Researcher

Zero-Error Information Theory, Coding Theory, Sampling Algorithms And Theoretical Guarantees For Generative Networks
Pseudorandomness, Derandomization, Complexity Theory
Graph Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Maximum Flow, Minimum Cut, Shortest Path, Parameterized Complexity
Complexity Theory, Quantum Computing, Stochastic Processes, Optimization
Reinforcement Learning, Optimization, High Dimensional Statistics

Quantum Postdoctoral Researcher

Quantum Complexity, Local Hamiltonians, Electronic Structure Theory, Quantum Chemistry
Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Non-Locality and Entanglement
Quantum Computing, Algorithm Theory, Computational Complexity, Monte Carlo Method
Quantum algorithms, Quantum dynamics, ODEs/PDEs/SDEs, Finance, Optimization and machine learning
Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Information
Cryptography, Quantum Information, Interactive Proof Systems
Hamiltonian Simulation, Quantum Chemistry, Relativistic Electronic Structure

Machine Learning Postdoctoral Researcher

Optimization, Constrained Learning, Signal Processing, Control
Deep Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Optimization
Causal Inference, Machine Learning, Statistics
Data Structures, Algebraic Algorithms, Optimization