For decades, mathematicians have been inching forward on a problem about which sets contain evenly spaced patterns of three numbers. Last month, two...

An illustration of a laptop computer displaying a chart that lists five possible complexity-theoretic worlds: Algorithmica, Heuristica, Pessiland, Minicrypt, and Cryptomania

This semester at the Simons Institute, the Meta-Complexity program is buzzing along with intense activity in the form of multiple reading groups and a...

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Simons Institute Director Shafi Goldwasser is an investigator on Project CETI, which uses advanced machine learning to decipher the meaning behind sperm whale clicks. The research project is one of a small number of initiatives featured in this New York Times article about scientific efforts to translate animal communication.

We are delighted to announce that Sandy Irani will be the Simons Institute’s next associate director. Her appointment begins this month.

Berkeley researchers are part of a newly launched multidisciplinary project aimed at cracking sperm whales’ Morse code-like communications off the Caribbean island of Dominica.