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CANCELLED: Optimal Online Learning Using Potential...

Research Programs and Clusters

The Institute typically hosts two concurrent programs per semester. Programs are selected with a view toward maximizing impact and engagement across the theoretical computer science community, as well as impact on neighboring scientific fields. A typical one-semester program is led by a small group of organizers who are recognized experts in their fields, and involves about 40-50 invited long-term participants (a mix of senior and junior researchers) who spend at least one month (usually longer) at the Institute. A program usually includes three week-long workshops, each of which attracts an additional group of invited speakers and focuses on a different aspect of the program's scientific scope, as well as an initial "boot camp" designed to put long-term participants on the same page.

This program will bring together researchers in computational complexity, proof complexity, cryptography, and learning theory to make progress on fundamental problems in those areas using the framework of "meta-complexity" — i.e., complexity of...

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Valentine Kabanets, Rafael Pass, Toni Pitassi, +2

Research Pods

Alongside our semester-long research programs, summer clusters, and weeklong workshops, the Simons Institute now hosts sustained research efforts by small groups of collaborators working on a specific topic over several years. Launched in 2020-21, our Research Pods initiative kicked off with two projects — one in machine learning and one in quantum computing. Each pod features a small number of junior and senior researchers to be in residence at the Institute for the duration. Sustained effort will be articulated by intense shorter convenings, including summer clusters and semester-long research programs.