Current & Future Programs

Spring 2018

Jan. 9May 11, 2018
The program will bring together experts in physical science, engineering and societal systems with mathematical and computational scientists to work on a wide range of problems involving real-time discovery and inference.
Jan. 9May 11, 2018
This program aims to rekindle the historical affinity between the fields of Neuroscience and Theoretical Computer Science, in order to attack some of the most important current problems in understanding the structure and function of the brain.

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Aug. 15Dec. 14, 2018
Taking inspiration from the areas of algorithms, statistics and applied mathematics, this program aims to identify a set of core techniques and principles for modern Data Science. 
Aug. 15Dec. 14, 2018
This program will bring together leading researchers in computational complexity theory to tackle fundamental questions on the capabilities and limitations of various models of computation.

Spring 2019

Jan. 15May 17, 2019
This program aims to promote research on the theoretical foundations of data privacy, as well as on applications in technical, legal, social and ethical spheres.
Jan. 15May 17, 2019
This program will focus on emerging connections between the analytic theory of multivariate polynomials (sometimes called "the geometry of polynomials") and TCS as well as related fields such as combinatorics, probability, statistical physics, optimization and real algebraic geometry. 

Fall 2019

Aug. 15Dec. 17, 2019
This program will bring together researchers from Computer Science and beyond, whose research is contributing to three sub­themes: proof systems, decentralized consensus, and applications of these to society, economics, and cryptocurrencies.