Summer 2022

Computational Innovation and Data-Driven Biology

Jul. 5Aug. 5, 2022

The rapid growth of biological and medical data offers challenges and opportunities. It can lead to faster discoveries and deeper understanding of biological systems and disease, but it requires novel advanced algorithms, statistics, and mathematics to make sense of the data. The goal of this summer program is to bring together researchers in bioinformatics — both computational method developers and experimentalists — to discuss key challenges and collaborate on approaches for their solution.

This five-week summer program is part of the Koret-UC Berkeley-Tel Aviv University (TAU) Initiative in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. The program will bring together a broad international community of researchers, including UC Berkeley and TAU researchers.

In addition to ongoing activities throughout the program, there will be two four-day workshops bringing together a broader group of researchers for a shorter period. The two workshops will aim to attract both computational and applied scientists in bioinformatics. In this way, each will have both a theoretical and algorithm development component and a methodological, biotechnology, and data analysis component.

This program is supported in part by the Koret Foundation.

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Steven Brenner (UC Berkeley, co-chair), Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University, co-chair), Hanah Margalit (Hebrew University), Adi Stern (Tel Aviv University), Olga Troyanskaya (Princeton University), Martin Vingron (Max Planck Institute Berlin), Nir Yosef (UC Berkeley)

List of participants (tentative list, including organizers): 
Brenda Andrews (University of Toronto), Gil Ast (Tel Aviv University), Judith Berman (Tel Aviv University), Elhanan Borenstein (Tel Aviv University), Steven Brenner (UC Berkeley), David Burshtein (Tel Aviv University), Desmond Higgins (University College Dublin), Chung Chao Hon (RIKEN), Rachel Karchin (John Hopkins), Martin Kupiec (Tel Aviv University), Hanah Margalit (Hebrew University), Manuel Munoz Aguirre (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Cedric Notredame (Center for Genomic Regulation), Lior Pachter (California Institute of Technology), Shyam Prabhakar (Genome Institute), Henry Pratt (University of Massachusetts), Natasa Przulj (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Lianrong Pu (Tel Aviv University), Tal Pupko (Tel Aviv University), Guigo Roderic (Center for Genomic Regulation), Barna Saha (UC Berkeley), Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University), Roded Sharan (Tel Aviv University), Meromit Singer (Harvard University), Raphaëlle Toubiana (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), Virginie Uhlmann (European Bioinformatics Institute), Alfonso Valencia Herrera (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Martin Vingron (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics), Tandy Warnow (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Zhiping Weng (University of Massachusetts)


Jul. 5Jul. 8, 2022


Nadav Ahituv (UCSF; co-chair), Roded Sharan (Tel Aviv University; co-chair), Steven Brenner (UC Berkeley & UCSF), Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University), Yun S. Song (UC Berkeley), Olga Troyanskaya (Princeton University)
Jul. 18Jul. 21, 2022


Roderic Guigo Serra (Center for Genomic Regulation; chair), Steven Brenner (UC Berkeley & UCSF), Sandrine Dudoit (UC Berkeley), Tal Pupko (Tel Aviv University), Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University)

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