Roni Brudno

Graduate Student, Tel Aviv University
Visiting Graduate Student
Dates of Visit: Jul. 5Aug. 3, 2022

Roni Brudno is a bioinformatics scientist at the Gil Ast laboratory in Tel-Aviv University. He graduated from Bar-Ilan university with a degree in Bioinformatics. Roni pursues a master's degree in Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, while utilizing various of computational tools. He is using these tools in his current project, Epigenetic Regulation in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As a researcher in AST (Alternative Splicing Team), his goals include elucidating alternative splicing in ASD and defining gene expression patterns in the disease. Roni specializes in Rna-seq analysis and is responsible for an on going journal paper. His tireless energy and high work ethics encourages others to work hard and succeed. In his free time, Roni likes to swim and cook for others.

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