The workshop will discuss semantics of logic programs over general semirings: constraints over semirings, query complexity with semiring semantics, termination conditions of logic programs over semirings. The connection between semirings and logic is a relatively new development in database theory (since 2007), and this area has high potential for major innovation. Some of the problems discussed at the workshop will be inspired by systems, others will be purely theoretical in nature, such as the quest for finding appropriate extensions of Pebble Games to semiring semantics.

Dan Suciu (University of Washington; co-chair)
Invited Participants

Michael Benedikt (University of Oxford), Stefano Bistarelli (University of Perugia), Peter Buneman (Edinburgh), Nofar Cameli (Inria Montpellier), Daniel Deutch (Tel Aviv University), Javier Esparza (Technische Universität München), Anna Fariha (U. Utah), Cibele Freire (Bowdoin College), Amir Gilad (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Boris Glavic (Illinois Institute of Technology), Erich Graedel (RWTH Aachen), Joseph Hellerstein (UC Berkeley), Benny Kimelfeld (Technion), Christoph Koch (EPFL), Kuldeep Singh Meel (National University of Singapore), Wang-Chiew Tan (Meta), Zach Tatlock (University of Washington), Max Willsey (UC Berkeley), Brit Youngmann (MIT)


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