Simons Institute Launches Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lectures

by Kristin Kane (Simons Institute, UC Berkeley)

On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, the Simons Institute celebrated the launch of the Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lectures. This new lecture series honors the role of Simons Institute Founding Director Dick Karp in establishing the field of theoretical computer science, formulating its central problems, and contributing stunning results in the areas of computational complexity and algorithms.

The launch event included short talks by Sanjeev Arora, Faith Ellen, Dan Gusfield, Dorit Hochbaum, Russell Impagliazzo, Ravi Kannan, Don Knuth, Mike Luby, Antony Ng, Prabhakar Raghavan, Scott Shenker, Bob Tarjan, Vijay Vazirani, and Dick Karp. It also featured the unveiling of a museum-style display showcasing some of Dick’s most significant scientific results. 

The Institute gratefully acknowledges the many donors to the Richard M. Karp Fund.

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