Kristin Kane

Communications Director, Simons Institute, UC Berkeley

Kristin is the Simons Institute's communications director. She contributes content and strategy for the Institute's public outreach, and serves as producer and film editor for the Institute's video content for a broad audience (Simons Institute Polylogues, Berkeley in the 80s, and the documentary webseries Theory Shorts). In collaboration with the Institute's faculty leaders and program organizers, Kristin also prepares the Institute's funding proposals to private foundations and federal agencies. She was the Institute's managing director from 2012 to 2019. Kristin has also served as senior development director for the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, public affairs manager for Global Footprint Network, artistic director of Ars Cantus and the Cornell Collegium Musicum, and principal of the Blue Egret Content Group. Kristin holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from Cornell University, and a BA summa cum laude from Amherst College. She speaks French, Dutch and Spanish, and gets by in Italian, German and Latin.