The Boot Camp is intended to acquaint program participants with the key themes of the program, including applications of control theory, machine learning, streaming algorithms and sub-linear algorithms to robotic astronomy, early earthquake warning, the Large Hadron Collider, urban transportation, and control of the energy grid. It will consist of five days of tutorial presentations from the following speakers:

Peter Nugent (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): Supernovae and the Era of Synoptic Surveys
Danny Goldstein (UC Berkeley): Supernova Detection
Richard Allen (UC Berkeley) and Qingkai Kong (UC Berkeley): Earthquake Early Warning
Richard Murray (Caltech): Feedback Control Theory: Architectures and Tools for Real-Time Decision Making
Steven Low (Caltech): The Flow of Power
Sean Meyn (University of Florida): The Flow of Information
Kameshwar Poolla (UC Berkeley): The Flow of Money
Sid Banerjee (Cornell University): Ridesharing
Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford University): Understanding Urban Mobility Using Dollars and Data
David Shmoys (Cornell University): Operating Bike-Sharing Systems - A Case Study in Real-Time Decision Making
Ronitt Rubinfeld (MIT): Sub-Linear Time Algorithms: Fast, Cheap and (Only a Little) Out of Control
Evdokia Nikolova (UT Austin): A Brief Introduction to Algorithms, Game Theory and Risk-Averse Decision Making
Harvey Newman (Caltech): Physics at the Large Hadron Collider: A New Window on Matter, Spacetime and the Universe