Spring 2020

Quantum Protocols: Testing & Quantum PCPs

Mar. 30Apr. 3, 2020

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Henry Yuen (University of Toronto; chair), Dorit Aharonov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Yael Kalai (Microsoft Research New England), Thomas Vidick (California Institute of Technology)

This workshop will explore questions around the testing of quantum devices. This includes different models for testing, such as the single- and multi-device models, classical or limited quantum verifiers, and information-theoretic security versus computational assumptions. Workshop themes encompass the foundations of quantum mechanics, classical and quantum cryptography (device independence, delegated computation), and complexity theory (classical and quantum probabilistically checkable proofs).

Further details about this workshop will be posted in due course. Enquiries may be sent to the organizers workshop-quantum2 [at] lists [dot] simons [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (at this address).

Registration is required to attend this workshop. Space may be limited, and you are advised to register early. The link to the registration form will appear on this page approximately 10 weeks before the workshop. To submit your name for consideration, please register and await confirmation of your acceptance before booking your travel.

Invited Participants: 

Rotem Arnon-Friedman (UC Berkeley), Matthew Coudron (University of Waterloo), David Gosset (University of Waterloo), Zhengfeng Ji (University of Technology Sydney), Richard Jozsa (University of Cambridge), Urmila Mahadev (Microsoft Research), Peter Manohar (Carnegie Mellon University), Tomoyuki Morimae (Kyoto University), William Slofstra (University of Waterloo), Dominique Unruh (University of Tartu)