This workshop is organized in collaboration with EURANDOM, the Netherlands.


Graph limits and graphons emerged as a subfield of graph theory about 15 years ago, and immediately spurred wide interest due to the connections with statistical physics, extremal combinatorics, and non-parametric statistical analysis on networks. While inspired by applications to real-world networks such as the World-Wide Web, the original theory did not apply to many of these networks, since the theory dealt with dense graphs while real-world networks tend to be sparser. Several ideas for sparse graph limits, and the extent of their applicability, have since been proposed and studied. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from around the world, working on both theoretical and applied aspects of graph limit theory, coming from fields as diverse as probability theory, statistics, combinatorics, and computer science. The topics will cover extensions of graphon theory, as well as fundamentally different concepts such as local-weak convergence. The applications will include large deviations of random graphs, non-parametric graphon estimation, and differential privacy.

Souvik Dhara (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; chair)
Sofia Olhede (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
Invited Participants

Siva Athreya (Indian Statistical Insitute), Morgane Austern (Harvard University), Shankar Bhamidi (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Bhaswar Bhattacharya (University of Pennsylvania), Peter Caines (McGill University), Suman Chakraborty (Leiden University), Sourav Chatterjee (Stanford University), Péter Csikvári (Eötvös Loránd University), Frank den Hollander (Leiden University), Valentin Féray (Université de Lorraine), Julia Gaudio (Northwestern University), Mihyun Kang (Technische Universität Graz, Austria), Gursharn Kaur (University of Virgina), Olga Klopp (ESSEC Business School), Dan Král (Masaryk University), Joonkyung Lee (Hanyang University), Elizaveta Levina (University of Michigan), Michel Mandjes (University of Amsterdam), Sumit Mukherjee (Columbia University), Peter Orbanz (University College London), Francesca Parise (Cornell University), Sonja Petrovic (Illinois Institute of Technology), Charles Radin (University of Texas), Kavita Ramanan (Brown University), Alessandro Rinaldo (Carnegie Mellon University), Adrian Roellin (National University of Singapore), Subhabrata Sen (Harvard University), Jan Volec (Czech Technical University in Prague), Mei Yin (University of Denver), Christina Yu (Cornell University), Ilias Zadik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))