Many practical problems in logic and database query evaluation either are already or should be studied under the fine-grained complexity lens. Conversely, fine-grained complexity research can be inspired by the generality of logic-based query languages. Furthermore, the cardinality estimation problem in query evaluation has an information-theoretic root which is shared between some problems in fixed-parameter tractability studies and parallel query processing. Hence, the main goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers in fine-grained complexity and database theory, to cross-fertilize research problems, ideas, and techniques.

Invited Participants

Amir Abboud (Weizmann Institute of Science), Kunal Agrawal (Washington University in St. Louis), Paul Beame (University of Washington), Christoph Berkholz (TU Ilmenau), Karl Bringmann (Max Planck Institute for Informatics), Nofar Carmeli (Inria Montpellier), Marek Chrobak (UC Riverside), Sami Davies (UC Berkeley), Kathrin Hanauer (University of Vienna), Xiao Hu (University of Waterloo), Bas Ketsman (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Paraschos Koutris (UW-Madison), Quanquan Liu (Northwestern University), Heather Newman (Carnegie Mellon University), Kirk Pruhs (University of Pittsburgh), Atri Rudra (University at Buffalo), Thatchaphol Saranurak (University of Michigan), Michele Scquizzato (University of Padova), Kasturi Varadarajan (The University of Iowa), Yisu Wang (University of Washington)