We will discuss the recent advances involving programmable, coherent manipulation of quantum many-body systems using neutral atom arrays excited into Rydberg states, allowing the control over 200 qubits in two-dimensional arrays. Recent results involving the realization of exotic phases of matter, study of quantum phase transitions and  exploration of  their non-equilibrium dynamics will be presented. In particular, we will report  realization and probing of quantum spin liquid states - the exotic states of matter have thus far evaded direct experimental detection.  Finally, most recent progress involving testing  quantum optimization algorithms and  realization of novel architecture based on dynamically reconfigurable entanglement  will be described.  

Prospects for scaling up these techniques, including realization of large-scale quantum processors and quantum simulators will be discussed.

Panel discussion: Andrew Childs (University of Maryland)Norman Yao (UC Berkeley)Markus Greiner (Harvard University)Monika Aidelsburger (University of Munich)Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley; moderator)

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