Science and technology are generating massive amounts of data at unprecedented levels of detail and completeness that arise from the measurement of physical, biological, and social activity.  This phenomenon raises many interesting questions that span the mathematical, engineering, biological, and social sciences, as well as public policy and ethics. How can such data be organized and analyzed? How can the statistical control of errors at massive scale be ensured? Who owns the data? How can privacy be ensured? Hear a panel of participants from the Simons Institute Fall Program on Theoretical Foundations of Big Data Analysis.

This seminar is one of over 30 on campus during UC Berkeley's Alumni and Family Weekend. Formerly called Homecoming, Alumni and Family Weekend is UC Berkeley's largest annual gathering welcoming thousands of alumni, parents, and students to campus for three days of fun. Festivities include alumni parties, family events, the Bear Affair BBQ, faculty seminars, campus tours, museum and library open houses, the Homecoming football game, and more.

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