In this workshop, we will focus on the following pillars of intelligence:

  • Visual perception and reasoning
  • Physical and causal reasoning
  • Sensory-motor learning
  • Active exploration, information-seeking, and curiosity
  • Curriculum setting
  • Learning in humans and machines, cognitive development, and nature versus nurture


This workshop will have a vertical structure, with researchers from all three disciplines participating in each focus topic. It will consist of talks by participating researchers, panel discussions, and poster sessions where students and postdocs can present their related work.

If you require special accommodation, please contact our access coordinator at simonsevents [at] berkeley.edu with as much advance notice as possible.

Many thanks to the UC Botanical Garden for their generous support of this workshop.

Invited Participants

Ted Adelson (MIT), Pulkit Agrawal (MIT), Kelsey Allen (DeepMind), Jim DiCarlo (MIT), Bill Freeman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jack Gallant (UC Berkeley), Tobias Gerstenberg (Stanford University), Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley), Marti Hearst (UC Berkeley), Aaron Hertzmann (Adobe), Louis Kang (RIKEN Center for Brain Science), Svetlana Lazebnik (UIUC), Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley), Josh McDermott (MIT), Igor Mordatch (Google DeepMind), Thomas Morgan (Arizona State), Bruno Olshausen (UC Berkeley), Deepak Pathak (CMU), Pietro Perona (California Institute of Technology), Blake Richards (McGill University), Dan Sanes (Center for Neural Science, New York University), Andrew Saxe (University College London), Amanda Seed (University of St Andrews), Kim Stachenfeld (DeepMind, Columbia), Tomer Ullman (Harvard University), Shimon Ullman (Weizmann Institute of Science), Matthew Walter (TTIC), Alex Williams (NYU, Flatiron Institute), Dan Yamins (Stanford University), Andrew Zisserman (Oxford University)