This workshop will focus on the following pillars of intelligence:

  • Social intelligence and learning from other agents
  • Language production, understanding, and reasoning
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Consciousness
  • The need for a new form of the Turing test
  • What is understanding? How can we measure it? Do large models understand?


This workshop will have a vertical structure, with researchers from all three disciplines participating in each focus topic. It will consist of talks by participating researchers, panel discussions, and poster sessions where students and postdocs can present their related work.

If you require special accommodation, please contact our access coordinator at simonsevents [at] berkeley.edu with as much advance notice as possible.

Invited Participants

Jacob Andreas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Yoav Artzi (Cornell University), Manuel Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Avrim Blum (TTIC), Justine Cassell (Carnegie Mellon University & Inria Paris), David Chalmers (NYU), Lucy Cheke (Cambridge), Joao Luis da Silva Carreira (Google DeepMind), Robert Dabagia (Georgia Institute of Technology), Trevor Darrell (UC Berkeley), Guillaume Dumas (CR-CHUSJ / Mila - Quebec AI Institute, University of Montreal), Michael Frank (Stanford University), Jack Gallant (UC Berkeley), Dileep George (Google DeepMind), Shiry Ginosar (UC Berkeley), Noah Goodman (Stanford University), Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley), Uri Hasson (Princeton), Cat Hobaiter (Cat Hobaiter), Eliza Kosoy (UC Berkeley), Andrew Lampinen (Google DeepMind), Pu Liang (Carnegie Mellon University), Jitendra Malik (UC Berkeley), Daniel McNamee (Champalimaud Research), Melanie Mitchell (Santa Fe Institute), Daniel Mitropolsky (Columbia University), Igor Mordatch (Google DeepMind), Christos Papadimitriou (Columbia University), Claudia Passos Ferreira (NYU), Viorica Patraucean (Google DeepMind), Jathushan Rajasegaran (UC Berkeley), Mirabel Reid (Georgia Institute of Technology), Doris Tsao (UC Berkeley), Shimon Ullman (Weizmann Institute of Science), Leslie Valiant (Harvard University), Santosh Vempala (Georgia Institute of Technology), Eunice Yiu (UC Berkeley)