This workshop will focus on the problem of inferring structure from neuroscience data, including the following specific themes:

  • Algorithms to help collect and analyze data;
  • Finding low-dimensional or sparse structure in data using techniques from machine learning;
  • Algorithms for data fusion, i.e., how to combine and integrate data from different sources and scales;
  • Algebraic topological methods for neuroscience data.

Support is gratefully acknowledged from:

Invited Participants

Misha Ahrens (Janelia), Dana Ballard (University of Texas at Austin), Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Manuel Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Rishi Chaudhuri (University of Texas at Austin), Mitya Chklovskii (Simons Foundation), Hannah Choi (University of Washington), Sophie Denève (École normale supérieure), Reza Eghbali (University of Washington), Abbas El Gamal (Stanford University), Ila Fiete (University of Texas at Austin), David Foster (UC Berkeley), Edward Paxon Frady (UC Berkeley), Brian Hayes (American Scientist), Andreas Herz (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Dorit Hochbaum (UC Berkeley), Viren Jain (Google), Pentti Kanerva (UC Berkeley), Anatoly Khina (California Institute of Technology), Maz Ma (University of Texas at Austin), Christian Machens (Champalimaud Research), Bruno Olshausen (UC Berkeley), Astrid Prinz (Emory University), Clay Reid (Allen Institute for Brain Science), Christopher Roth (University of Texas at Austin), Colin Sandon (Princeton University), Saeed Saremi (UC Berkeley), David Schwab (City University of New York), Terry Sejnowski (Salk Institute), Peggy Seriès (University of Edinburgh), Maryam Shanechi (University of Southern California), S. Murray Sherman (University of Chicago), Fritz Sommer (UC Berkeley), David Sussillo (Google), Evelyn Tang (University of Pennsylvania), Lena Ting (Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology), Naftali Tishby (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Ngoc Tran (University of Texas at Austin), Rufin VanRullen (CNRS - Toulouse), Laurenz Wiskott (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum), Bin Yu (UC Berkeley), Noga Zaslavsky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Steven Zucker (Yale University)


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