Fall 2019

Probabilistically Checkable and Interactive Proof Systems

Sep. 23Sep. 27, 2019

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Justin Thaler (Georgetown University; chair), Omer Paneth (Tel Aviv University), Ron Rothblum (Technion)

Since their inception almost three decades ago, probabilistically checkable and interactive proof systems have served as lenses through which to view and solve disparate problems in computational complexity. Yet one of their most compelling uses is a direct one: a party wishes to convince another party of a statement and, due to a lack of a trust relationship, does so by way of a proof system. Crucially, this paradigm provides benefits such as speedups in verification time, or zero knowledge.

The increased demand for efficient proof systems has motivated intense research, across theoretical and applied conferences, that studies proof systems both from a practical perspective as well as posing theoretical questions motivated by practical concerns.

This workshop will focus on theoretical and practical aspects of such "positive" uses of proof systems. Topics will include probabilistically checkable and interactive proofs, argument systems, transformations from programs to circuits, and hardware implementations.

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