Fall 2018

The Next Wave in Networking Research

Sep 7, 2018 

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Organizers: Rahul Jain (USC, chair), Venkat Anantharam (UC Berkeley), Nick Bambos (Stanford), Gustavo de Veciana (UT Austin, chair), Vijay Kamble (UI-Chicago), John Musacchio (UC Santa Cruz), Ramtin Pedarsani (UC Santa Barbara)

The workshop brings together researchers in networking and overlapping areas from both academia and industry to explore fundamental challenges as well as modern developments and trends in networking. It is expected that possibly disruptive applications, technology and even business models underlying future networks might trigger the need for significant changes in the network infrastructure.  The workshop is expected to provide cross-fertilization and discussion on what the grand challenges are and where the promising directions lie. This includes questions at the foundations of network engineering and topics such as, role of Software Defined Networking/Network Functions Virtualization technologies, increasing concern with privacy, security and integrity of such infrastructure, cloud/edge computing and virtualization, IoT, self programming networks, and content centric networking. This workshop will end by honoring the many achievements and scientific contributions to communication networks of Prof. Jean Walrand of UC Berkeley.

This workshop is supported in part by the ARO.