Societal Networks are the engineering subsystems underlying cities and nations; for example, transportation networks, energy grids, housing/hoteling systems, water and waste management systems. They play a vital role in the daily lives of citizens and businesses.  Massive trends in technology and new business models are shaping Societal Networks, redefining the way they will be built and operated in the future, which, in turn, will impact the way people live, commute, trade, shop and be entertained.

This symposium brings together industry experts and academics interested in the opportunities and challenges in three major topics: transportation, eCommerce/retail, and finance.  Speakers will articulate a vision of where industry is heading in the 5-6 year horizon and the technological advances as well as business innovations needed to realize the vision.


  • Dan Boneh, Professor of EE/CS, Stanford
  • Avinash Gangadharan, VP of Engineering, Walmart Labs
  • Andrew Goldberg, Senior Principal Scientist, Amazon
  • Amil Kamath, Fellow and VP of Technology, Adobe Systems
  • Parimal Khopardekar, Senior Technologist, NASA
  • Brad Klingenberg, VP of Data Science, StitchFix
  • Ciamac Moallemi, Professor, Columbia Business School
  • Balaji Prabhakar, Professor of EE/CS, Stanford
  • Devavrat Shah, Co-Founder, Celect and Professor of EECS, MIT
  • Vinay Shet, Director of Product, Maps Lyft
  • Kane Sweeney, Head of Market Design, Uber