The focus of this workshop is the rigorous analysis of processes which model the spread of infections in a social network, with the goal of developing predictive models as well as policies and algorithmic solutions for their control and mitigation. This also includes epidemic models used for modeling the spread of new ideas, technologies, information, and misinformation. The workshop will bring together researchers from computer science, mathematics, economics, epidemiology, and global health, to discuss challenges and give the broader community access to some of the mathematical and algorithmic problems in the field.

Abba Gumel (University of Maryland, College Park; co-chair)
Invited Participants

Hamsa Bastani (Upenn), Shirshendu Chatterjee (The City College of New York), Sara del Valle (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Alun Lloyd (Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University), Ilan Lobel (NYU Stern), Suraj Malladi (Cornell), Joel Miller (La Trobe University), Etienne Pardoux (Aix-Marseille Universite), Bryony Reich (Northwestern University), Grzegorz Rempala (Ohio State University), Viet Chi Tran (Universite Gustav Eiffel), Jason Xu (Duke University)