Fall 2017

Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization Reunion

Monday, Dec 10, 2018 to Thursday, Dec 13, 2018 

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Aleksander Mądry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; chair), Nikhil Bansal (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), Nick Harvey (University of British Columbia), Seffi Naor (Technion Israel Institute of Technology), Lorenzo Orecchia (Boston University), Pablo Parrilo (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Benjamin Recht (UC Berkeley), Thomas Rothvoß (University of Washington), Jan Vondrák (Stanford University)

This reunion workshop is for long-term participants in the program "Bridging Continuous and Discrete Optimization" held in the Fall 2017 semester. It will provide an opportunity to meet old and new friends. Moreover, we hope that it will give everyone a chance to reflect on the progress made during the semester and since, and sketch which directions the field should go in the future. In an effort to keep things informal and to encourage open discussion, none of the activities will be recorded. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

Invited Participants: 

Farid Alizadeh (Rutgers University), Jason Altschuler (MIT), Nikhil Bansal (Eindhoven University of Technology), Sébastien Bubeck (Microsoft Research), Parinya Chalermsook (Aalto University), Daniel Dadush (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica), Jelena Diakonikolas (Boston University), Reza Eghbali (University of Washington), Maryam Fazel (University of Washington), Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University), Swati Gupta (MIT), Robert Hildebrand (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Rebecca Hoberg (University of Washington), Dorit Hochbaum (UC Berkeley), Rasmus Kyng (Harvard University), Matthias Köppe (UC Davis), Bundit Laekhanukit (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics), Jean Bernard Lasserre (CNRS - Toulouse), Jon Lee (University of Michigan), Euiwoong Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), James Lee (University of Washington), Michael Luby (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Sarah Maria Morell (EPFL), Walaa Moursi (Stanford University), Joseph Naor (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology), Aleksandar Nikolov (University of Toronto), Lorenzo Orecchia (Boston University), Pablo Parrilo (MIT), Kanstantsin Pashkovich (University of Waterloo), Sebastian Pokutta (Georgia Institute of Technology), Benjamin Recht (UC Berkeley), Tselil Schramm (MIT), Jonah Sherman (UC Berkeley), Aaron Sidford (Stanford University), Sahil Singla (Carnegie Mellon University), Levent Tunçel (University of Waterloo), Soledad Villar (New York University), Nisheeth Vishnoi (EPFL/Yale), Jan Vondrák (Stanford University), Di Wang (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mengdi Wang (Princeton University), Stephen Wright (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Sheng Yang (University of Maryland), Lin Yang (Princeton University), Chenyang Yuan (MIT)