Fall 2015

Learning Mixtures of Plackett-Luce Models

Friday, April 28th, 2017 4:30 pm5:00 pm

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The Plackett-Luce model is a natural generalization of multinomial logistic regression to rank data. Mixtures of Plackett-Luce models can provide better fitness and have been used for clustering. However, little was known about the identifiability of mixtures of Plackett-Luce models.
We prove that for any $k\geq 2$, the mixture of $k$ Plackett-Luce models for no more than $2k-1$ alternatives is non-identifiable and this bound is tight for $k=2$. For generic identifiability, we prove that the mixture of $k$ Plackett-Luce models over $m$ alternatives is {\em generically identifiable} if $k\leq\lfloor\frac {m-2} 2\rfloor!$. 
We also propose an efficient generalized method of moments (GMM) algorithm to learn the mixture of two Plackett-Luce models and show that the algorithm is consistent. Our experiments show that our GMM algorithm is significantly faster than the EMM algorithm by Gormley and Murphy (2008), while achieving competitive statistical efficiency.