Fall 2016

Uncertainty Whiteboard Seminar

Sep 30, 2016 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm 

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Calvin Lab Rm 116

A Unified Duality Theory for Bayesian Mechanism Design

In this talk I'll present a duality approach to Bayesian mechanism design. In the first hour I'll present the general framework, and provide a dual yielding Myerson's bound for single-item settings. If there is interest, in the second hour I'll show how to extend the dual to yield results of [Chawla/Hartline/Kleinberg 07, Chawla/Hartline/Malec/Sivan 10, Chawla/Malec/Sivan 11, Babaioff/Immorlica/Lucier/Weinberg 14, Yao 15]. 
Joint work with Yang Cai and Nikhil Devanur.