Fall 2016

One Eilenberg Theorem to Rule Them All

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 2:00 pm2:30 pm

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Eilenberg-type correspondences, relating varieties of languages (e.g.\ of finite words, infinite words, or trees) to pseudovarieties of finite algebras, form the backbone of algebraic language theory. Numerous such correspondences are known in the literature. We demonstrate that they all arise from the same recipe: one models languages and the algebras recognizing them by monads on an algebraic category, and applies a Stone-type duality. Our main contribution is a generic variety theorem that covers e.g.~Wilke's and Pin's work on $\infty$-languages, the variety theorem for cost functions of Daviaud, Kuperberg, and Pin, and unifies the two previous categorical approaches of Boja\'nczyk and of Ad\'amek et al. In addition it gives a number of new results, such as an extension of the local variety theorem of Gehrke, Grigorieff, and Pin from finite to infinite words.

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