Spring 2017

The Missing Signal

Monday, Mar. 27, 2017 2:15 pm3:15 pm PDT

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We know how to spot object in images, but we have to learn on more images than a human can see in a lifetime. We know how to translate text (somehow), but we have to learn it on more text than a human can read in a lifetime. We know how to learn playing Atari games, but we have to learn it by playing more games than any teenager can endure. The list is long.
We can of course try to pin this inefficiently to some properties of our algorithms. However we can also take the point of view that there is possibly a lot of signal in natural data that we simply do not exploit. I will report on two works in this direction. The first one establishes that something as simple as a collection of static images contains non trivial information about the causal relations between the objects they represent. The second one shows how an attempt to discover structure in observational data led to a clear improvement of Generative Adversarial Networks.
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