Spring 2014

Bifurcation in Entanglement Renormalization Group Flow of a Gapped Spin Model

Monday, April 21st, 2014 12:00 pm1:00 pm

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We study entanglement renormalization group transformations for the ground states of a spin model, called cubic code model HA in three dimensions, in order to understand long-range entanglement structure. The cubic code model has degenerate and locally indistinguishable ground states under periodic boundary conditions. In the entanglement renormalization, one applies local unitary transformations on a state, called disentangling transformations, after which some of the spins are completely disentangled from the rest and then discarded. We find a disentangling unitary to establish equivalence of the ground state of HA on a lattice of lattice spacing a to the tensor product of ground spaces of two independent Hamiltonians HA and HB on lattices of lattice spacing 2a. We further find a disentangling unitary for the ground space of HB with the lattice spacing a to show that it decomposes into two copies of itself on the lattice of the lattice spacing 2a. The disentangling transformations yield a tensor network description, a branching MERA, for the ground state of the cubic code model.