Jeongwan Haah

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jeongwan Haah is interested in fault-tolerant quantum computation and topological phases of matter. His work focuses on the phases of matter that can be used as robust quantum memory devices. He is currently a Pappalardo postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physics at MIT. Jeongwan obtained his PhD from Caltech in 2013 under the supervision of John Preskill. During his PhD, he discovered a new topological phase of a spin system in three spatial dimensions, and a theoretical scheme to use it as a robust quantum memory at nonzero temperatures. He received his undergraduate degrees in physics and mathematics from Seoul National University in 2008. Jeongwan is originally from Jinju, a small city at the southern end of the Korean peninsula.

Program Visits

Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity, Spring 2014, Visiting Scientist