The scientific community is doing wonders when it comes to advancing SAT, CP, PB, and other paradigms such as ASP, operations research, and SMT. The key to success seems to revolve around exploiting specific problem structures. Perhaps surprisingly, despite the seeming differences between these paradigms, in recent years it has become more of a rule than an exception that progress in one paradigm is achieved by importing ideas from another paradigm. This motivates me to zoom out of the current state of affairs and try to understand whether these paradigms are, in fact, fundamentally different, or perhaps they are so closely related they should be thought of as, dare I say, a single unifying framework. With time I am more and more convinced that it is the latter. In this talk, I will discuss my journey in SAT, CP, and PB based on my experience in the last 5-10 years, and give my personal view on how things developed in the past, and how things could move forward in a more united way. The talk is meant to be a discussion with the audience, accessible to all participants with plenty of space for a live discussion.

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