Emir Demirovic

Assistant Professor, TU Delft


Dr Emir Demirović is an assistant professor of computer science at TU Delft (The Netherlands), focussing on combinatorial optimisation, machine learning, and the integration thereof. His long term vision is to create algorithms that automate any sort of decision making that is currently done by humans, typically referring to scenarios where difficult decision making has to be done in the presence of large and complex constraints.

Prior to Dr Emir Demirović's appointment as an assistant professor at TU Delft, he was an associate lecturer and postdoctoral researcher (research fellow) at the University of Melbourne in Australia (2017-2020). Dr Emir Demirović received his PhD from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in 2017. In between these positions, he held shorter term posts at a production planning and scheduling company MCP (Vienna, Austria) and the National Institute of Informatics (Toyko, Japan).

Program Visits

Extended Reunion: Satisfiability, Spring 2023, Visiting Scientist