Julie Josse

Research Scientist, Polytechnique

After beeing a Professor of Statistics and Machine Learning at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and a visiting researcher at Google Brain Paris, Julie Josse has joined Inria as an advanced researcher to set up a team with Inserm in data-sciences for health. Julie Josse's is an expert in handling missing values (inference, multiple imputation, matrix completion, missing non at random data, supervised learning with missing values). She has created a platform to collect works and give resources to users. https://rmisstastic.netlify.app/, Her curent research focuses on causal inferences techniques for personalized medicine. She leads a project with the Traumabase group dedicated to the management of polytraumatized patients to help emergency doctors making decisions. Julie Josse is dedicated to reproducible research with the R statistical software: she has developed packages including FactoMineR to transfer her work, she is a member of the R foundation and of Rforwards to increase the participation of minorities in the community.

Program Visits

Causality, Spring 2022, Visiting Scientist