Gregory Wilsenach

University of Cambridge

Gregory Wilsenach is currently a PhD student in Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Cambridge, studying with the support of a Gates Scholarship. He holds a master's degree in Mathematics from Cambridge, as well as two undergraduate degrees from the University of Cape Town (Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mathematics), both with First Class Honours. As an undergraduate, he did research in Compressed Sensing, publishing and having his work presented at a number of conferences. His master's work was in set theory, focusing on the limits of the application of permutation models to independence results in ZFC. His PhD work is on finite model theory and, more specifically, on understanding the role of isomorphism invariance in logic and computation (a problem with deep connections to the problem of finding a logic that captures polynomial time). More concretely, Wilsenach is working on understanding the expressive power of so-called "Choiceless Polynomial Time", a logic whose unusual construction serves as a natural starting point for studying this relationship. At the moment he is focusing on constructing alternative representations of this logic.

Program Visits