Dimitrios Christou

Graduate Student, UT Austin

Dimitrios (aka Dimitris) Christou is a Computer Science PhD student at UT Austin. He is fortunate to be advised by Prof. Shuchi Chawla. Prior to joining UT Austin, he received a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He has completed two research internships offered by the LIP6 Research Institute at Sorbonne University, France. His research interests lie in the intersection of Online Algorithms and Data-Driven algorithmic design. His previous work resolves open questions for online decision making, server problems and multistage optimisation. His current work focuses on data-driven algorithmic design and learning-augmented algorithms, aiming to breach the gap between traditional theory and modern data-oriented methods.

Program Visits

Data-Driven Decision Processes, Fall 2022, Visiting Graduate Student