Daniel Freund

Graduate Student, Cornell University

Daniel Freund is a PhD candidate in Cornell's Center for Applied Mathematics, where he is fortunate to be advised by David Shmoys. Prior to joining Cornell, he completed his undergraduate studies at Warwick University in the UK (2013). During that time, he participated in the Kupcinet-Getz summer school at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he worked with Moni Naor on notions of cryptography in the physical world. As a graduate student, he spent time as a data scientist with Motivate International (2015-2016) and with Lyft's pricing team (summer 2017).

Freund's research interests evolve around modeling and optimizing problems in the sharing economy, especially those arising in transportation. This often requires a combination of tools from different areas such as combinatorial optimization, applied probability, and simulation.

In the past, he has spent a lot of time thinking about inventory management for bike-sharing systems, and pricing for ride-sharing systems.

Program Visits

Data-Driven Decision Processes, Fall 2022, Visiting Scientist
Real-Time Decision Making, Spring 2018, Visiting Graduate Student