Introduction to Cancer Bioinformatics

Lecture 1: Introduction to Cancer Bioinformatics I: Inferring Genomic Variation from Tumor Sequencing Data
Lecture 2: Introduction to Cancer Bioinformatics II: Tumor Phylogeny 
Lecture 3: Introduction to Cancer Bioinformatics III: Cancer Progression Networks

This series of talks is part of the Algorithmic Challenges in Genomics Boot Camp

Speaker: Ben Raphael (Brown University) and Niko Beerenwinkel (ETH Zürich)

We will introduce basic concepts of cancer biology and algorithmic challenges in the analysis of molecular profiles obtained from tumors. Emphasis will be placed on methods for assessing the extensive heterogeneity that is present both within and among tumors, a major obstacle to successful treatment. Specifically, we will address computational approaches to infer genomic variation from tumor sequencing data, to reconstruct the evolutionary history of individual tumors, and to estimate models of tumor progression.