Open problem sessions as a platform to propose and discuss open problems that could result in collaboration between different research fields.

Location: The open space area in Level 2, next to the whiteboard.

If you are interested to be a speaker, please reach out to He Sun, H.Sun [at]

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Open question related to graph clustering, sparsification, and kernel density estimation

Our next Open Problem Session will start at 3:20pm next Monday, and Nicloe Wein will tell us one of her favourite problems in dynamic algorithms, i.e.,  the dynamic edge orientation problem: given a dynamic graph that at all times admits a low-outdegree orientation of the edges, the goal is to maintain such an orientation.


Please note that, following the discussion from the last session, we will start at 3:20pm.


PS: We're looking for speakers, so just drop He Sun, H.Sun [at], a line if you want to speak in two weeks.

Dear all,

Sorrachai Yingchareonthawornchai will speak at the Open Problem Session next Monday at 3:20pm. Sorrachai will talk about three open problems in different areas: Fast local cut detection problems, fast rounding algorithm for 2-edge-connected spanning subgraph problem, and fast algorithms for computing MIS in perfect graphs.

We'll meet at the Open Space Area of Level 2, and hope to see many of you there.

Abstract: Recent advances of Byzantine agreement involve the identification of corrupt players through the efficient detection of statistical anomalies, using matrix operations and fractional matching. There remain significant gaps in the latency vs resilience vs computation time.