Spring 2014

Quantum Gathering

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 2:30 pm5:00 pm PST

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Calvin Lab 116

A Theory of Binary XOR Games
How can a classical user interact with untrusted quantum devices? This is a crucial question in quantum cryptography. In this talk I will discuss the class of binary nonlocal XOR games, which is a central tool for verifying the behavior of quantum devices. The talk will present a mathematical theory of quantum strategies for binary XOR games (from arXiv:1207.1819). This theory illuminates how binary XOR games can serve as "self-tests" for quantum devices. I will discuss some important applications of binary XOR games, such as the paper "Classical command of quantum systems" by Reichardt, Unger, and Vazirani, and the recent work of Yaoyun Shi and myself on randomness expansion.
Audience participation is encouraged.