Fall 2019

First come first served online matching: theory, applications and future research

Sep. 12, 2019 1:00 pm3:00 pm

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Gideon Weiss (The University of Haifa)


Calvin Lab Auditorium

A sequence of multitype agents and a sequence of multitype goods are matched first come first served, subject to a bipartite compatibility graph.  I will survey work on this model, in particular the following two papers:

(1) Theory: Ivo Adan, Ana Busic, Jean Mairesse and Gideon Weiss, “Reversibility and further properties of FCFS infinite bipartite matching,” Mathematics of Operations Research 43(2): 598-621, (2018),

(2) Application: Ivo Adan, Marko Boon and Gideon Weiss, “Design heuristic for parallel many server systems,”  European Journal of Operational Research 273(1): 259-277, (2019),

and suggest some future research.