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First Annual Simons Institute Industry Day

Nov. 7, 2014

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Calvin Lab

The Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing will hold its first annual Industry Day on Friday, November 7, 2014. The goal of the day is to foster exchange and collaboration between the Institute’s Industrial Partners and the graduate student, postdoctoral and senior researchers at the Institute and on the broader Berkeley campus.

Participation is open to our Industrial Partners and Sponsors. Learn more about our Industrial Partnerships program here, or contact kakane [at] (subject: Industrial%20Sponsorship) (Kristin Kane) for further information.


9:30 am Coffee and Check-In
10:00 am Introduction
Richard Karp, Simons Institute
10:05 am Industrial Presentations
Aranyak Mehta, Google Research
Michael Luby, Qualcomm Inc.
P. Anandan, Microsoft Research
11:00 am Lightning Talks

New Erasure-Code Constructions for Resource-Efficient Distributed Storage Systems
Rashmi Vinayak, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Coding for Interactive Communication
Klim Efremenko, Simons Institute
Research Fellow

Information Flows in Control Systems
Gireeja Ranade, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Communication-Optimal Loop Nests
Nicholas Knight, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Matrix Completion for Independence Model
Zvi Rosen, Simons Institute
Graduate Student

An Almost Optimal LP Rounding for Correlation Clustering
Tselil Schramm, Simons Institute
Graduate Student

Interactive Proofs for Quantum Computations
Urmila Mahadev, Simons Institute
Graduate Student

When Logic Meets Physics: Compositional Design of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Contracts
Pierluigi Nuzzo, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

How Fast Does a “Cube+Ball” Grow?
Varun Jog, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Mechanism Design for Crowdsourcing: An Optimal 1-1/e Competitive Budget-Feasible Mechanism for Large Markets
Nima Ahmadipouranari, Simons Institute
Graduate Student

Approximate Weighted Model Counting and Random Generation
Daniel Fremont, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Convex Optimization I: Limits of First Order Methods
Yin Tat Lee, Simons Institute
Research Fellow

Convex Optimization II: Leveraging Graph Structure
Aaron Sidford, Simons Institute
Research Fellow

Inapproximability of Equilibria
Aviad Rubinstein, Simons Institute
Graduate Student

Double or Nothing: Multiplicative Incentive Mechanisms for Crowdsourcing
Nihar Shah, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

Online Learning and Robust Reputation Systems
Paul Christiano, UC Berkeley
Graduate Student

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch at the Bancroft Hotel
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Visitor Talks

Nonnegative Matrix Rank
Kaie Kubjas, Microsoft Research Fellow, Simons Institute

Subspace Embeddings for the Polynomial Kernel
Huy Nguyen, Google Research Fellow, Simons Institute

Lower Bounds for Semi-Definite Programs via Online (Quantum) Learning
James Lee, Spectral Graph Theory Program Organizer, Simons Institute

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm Afternoon Tea
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Keynote

Computing the Universe
Christos Papadimitriou
Senior Scientist, Simons Institute

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Reception