Summer 2022

A Critical Look At Some Common Trends In IML Research

Aug 3, 2020 11:30 am – 12:00 pm 

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Shai Ben-David (University of Waterloo)



Note: The event time listed is set to Pacific Time.

I wish to stimulate a critical discussion of some popular trends in IML publications. Topics I would like to address include:

1) Accuracy interpretability tradeoffs for ML class predictors.

2) Causality as interpretation and counterfactual analysis as causality.

3) Heat maps (and saliency masks) as interpretations for DNNs.

4) Interpreting image-interpretations beyond object recognition.

To register for this event and receive the Zoom link, please email organizers bendavid.shai [at] (subject: Inquiry%20to%20register%20for%20Interpretable%20Machine%20Learning%20event%20June%2029%2C%202020) (Shai Ben-David) or ruth.urner [at] (subject: Inquiry%20to%20register%20for%20Interpretable%20Machine%20Learning%20event%20June%2029%2C%202020) (Ruth Urner).