Differential Privacy: Fundamentals to Forefront

Lecture 1: Differential Privacy: Fundamentals to Forefront I
Lecture 2: Differential Privacy: Fundamentals to Forefront II

This series of talks was part of the Cryptography Boot Camp. Videos for each talk area available through the links above.

Speaker: Cynthia Dwork, Microsoft Research

Privacy-preserving data analysis has a large literature spanning more than five decades and multiple disciplines. “Differential privacy” has provided a theoretically sound and powerful framework, and given rise to an explosion of research. Differential privacy composes, allowing the construction of complex differentially private analyses from simple private building blocks. Beginning with basic definitions and a handful of commonly used primitives, we will spend some time on each of three areas: a description of a prototype, recent theoretical advances, and fundamental limitations on accuracy consistent with (any kind of) privacy – that is, the cards we have been dealt. We will end with a glimpse of applications of differential privacy in the service of goals other than private data analysis.