Fall 2016

Algorithms and Uncertainty Boot Camp

Aug 22, 2016 to Aug 26, 2016 

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Avrim Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert Kleinberg (Cornell University), Stefano Leonardi (Sapienza University of Rome), Eli Upfal (Brown University), Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology)

The Boot Camp is intended to acquaint program participants with the key themes of the program. It will consist of mini-courses on five topics, each featuring two or more speakers and occupying one day, as follows: 

Kamesh Munagala (Duke University): "Approximation Algorithms for Stochastic Optimization
Matt Weinberg (Princeton University): "Sequential Decision Making: Prophets and Secretaries"

Seffi Naor (Technion Israel Institute of Technology): "Competitive Analysis of Online Algorithms"
Nikhil Bansal (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven) and Adam Wierman (Caltech): "Online Scheduling Meets Queueing

Eli Upfal (Brown University): "Sample Complexity and Uniform Convergence"
Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi (University of Milan): "Online Learning and Online Convex Optimization"
Yishay Mansour (Tel Aviv University): "Reinforcement Learning and Markov Decision Processes"

Tim Roughgarden (Stanford University): "Beyond Worst-Case Analysis"
Kevin Leyton-Brown (University of British Columbia): "Understanding the Empirical Hardness of NP-Complete Problems"

Anna Karlin (University of Washington): "Uncertainty in Algorithmic Mechanism Design"
Eilyan Bitar (Cornell University) and Adam Wierman (Caltech): "Energy and Uncertainty"

Visit the schedule page for the live-stream and archived videos.