Fall 2016

Algorithms and Uncertainty Reunion Workshop

Dec 4, 2017 to Dec 6, 2017 

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Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University; co-chair), Stefano Leonardi (Sapienza University of Rome; co-chair), Avrim Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Robert Kleinberg (Cornell University), Eli Upfal (Brown University), Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology)

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This reunion workshop is for long-term participants in the program "Algorithms & Uncertainty" held in the Fall 2016 semester. It will provide an opportunity to meet old and new friends. Moreover, we hope that it will give everyone a chance to reflect on the progress made during the semester and since, and sketch which directions the field should go in the future. In an effort to keep things informal and to encourage open discussion, none of the activities will be recorded.  Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.

Invited Participants: 

Susanne Albers (Technische Universität München), Aris Anagnostopoulos (Sapienza University of Rome), Yossi Azar (Tel Aviv University), Eilyan Bitar (Cornell University), Avrim Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Edith Cohen (Tel Aviv University and Google), Reuven Cohen (Tel Aviv University), C. Comandur (UC Santa Cruz), Anupam Gupta (Carnegie Mellon University), Varun Gupta (University of Chicago), Mohammad Hajiaghayi (University of Maryland), Sungjin Im (UC Merced), Ravi Kannan (Microsoft Research India), Thomas Kesselheim (TU Dortmund), Bobby Kleinberg (Cornell University), Stefano Leonardi (Sapienza University of Rome), Kevin Leyton-Brown (University of British Columbia), Katrina Ligett (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Aleksander Mądry (MIT), Ruta Mehta (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Marco Molinaro (PUC-Rio de Janeiro Brazil), Kamesh Munagala (Duke University), Viswanath Nagarajan (University of Michigan), Kameshwar Poolla (UC Berkeley), Ram Rajagopal (Stanford University), Sahil Singla (Carnegie Mellon University), Clifford Stein (Columbia University), Xiaorui Sun (Microsoft Research), Marc Uetz (University of Twente), Shai Vardi (California Institute of Technology), Matt Weinberg (Princeton University), Adam Wierman (California Institute of Technology), Qiaomin Xie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jakub Łącki (Google)