Spring 2018

Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Real-Time Decision Making

Apr. 30May 4, 2018

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Evdokia Nikolova (University of Texas at Austin; chair), Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan), Piotr Indyk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Richard Karp (UC Berkeley), Leonard Schulman (California Institute of Technology)

In both the natural sciences and urban systems, collections of signals obtained at different times and locations and by means of different technologies must be combined to give an overall classification and characterization of an environment.  This workshop will explore the wide variety of algorithmic methods that come into play in analyzing and acting on such signals, including streaming algorithms, data reduction and data management, high-dimensional geometry, optimization, machine learning, control theory, signal processing and statistical prediction.

All talks will be recorded. Enquiries may be sent to the organizers workshop-realtime3 [at] lists [dot] simons [dot] berkeley [dot] edu (at this address)

All events take place in the Calvin Lab Auditorium.

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Invited Participants: 

Sid Banerjee (Cornell University), Alexandre Bayen (UC Berkeley), Josh Bloom (UC Berkeley), Lenore Blum (Carnegie Mellon University), Ana Bušić (INRIA and École Normale Supérieure Paris), Enrico Capobianco (University of Miami), Moses Charikar (Stanford University), Mark Davenport (Georgia Institute of Technology), Adithya Devraj (University of Florida), Krishnamurthy Dvijotham (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Dan Feldman (University of Haifa), Daniel Freund (Cornell University), Xinbo Geng (Texas A&M University), Anna Gilbert (University of Michigan), Peter Glynn (Stanford University), Artur  Gorokh (Cornell University), Abhishek Gupta (Ohio State University), Swati Gupta (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Sam Gutekunst (Cornell University), Haitham Hassanieh (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Brian Hayes (American Scientist), Piotr Indyk (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Mehdi Jafarnia (University of Southern California), Rahul Jain (University of Southern California), Ramesh Johari (Stanford University), Dileep Kalathil (Texas A&M University), John Kallaugher (University of Texas at Austin), Ravi Kannan (Microsoft Research India), Dick Karp (UC Berkeley), Anatoly Khina (California Institute of Technology), Ali Khodabakhsh (University of Texas at Austin), Valerie King (University of Victoria), Bobby Kleinberg (Cornell University), Victoria Kostina (California Institute of Technology), Lina Li (Harvard University), Steven Low (California Institute of Technology), Mike Luby (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Thodoris Lykouris (Cornell University), Sean Meyn (University of Florida), Susan Murphy (Harvard University), Richard Murray (California Institute of Technology), Benjamin Nachman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Evdokia Nikolova (University of Texas at Austin), Yury Polyanskiy (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kameshwar Poolla (UC Berkeley), Manolis Pountourakis (University of Texas at Austin), Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford University), Eric Price (University of Texas, Austin), Guannan Qu (Harvard University), Ram Rajagopal (Stanford University), Shijin Rajakrishnan (Cornell University), Gireeja Ranade (Microsoft Research), Tyrrell Rockafellar (University of Washington), Justin Romberg (Georgia Institute of Technology), Siva Seetharaman (Texas A&M University), Sanjit Seshia (UC Berkeley), Hiteshi Sharma (University of Southern California), David Shmoys (Cornell University), Yujie Tang (Caltech), Eva Tardos (Cornell University), Ambuj Tewari (University of Michigan), Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley), Pascal Van Hentenryck (University of Michigan), Pravin Varaiya (UC Berkeley), Sofya Vorotnikova (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Jean Walrand  (UC Berkeley), Joe Warrington (ETH Zürich), Kilian Weinberger (Cornell University), David Williamson (Cornell University), Damon Wischik (University of Cambridge), David Woodruff (Carnegie Mellon University), Mary Wootters (Stanford University), Le Xie (Texas A&M University)