Spring 2014

Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity Boot Camp

Jan 15, 2014 to Jan 18, 2014 

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Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley)

The Boot Camp is intended to acquaint program participants with the key themes of the program. It will consist of five mini crash courses, plus a sequence of overview talks as follows:

Mini Crash Courses

Thomas Vidick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Quantum Games and Semi-Definite Programming"
Ashwin Nayak (University of Waterloo): "Quantum Information Theory"
Luca Trevisan (Stanford University): "The Classical PCP Theorem"
Ben Reichardt (University of Southern California): "Quantum Error Correction"
Zeph Landau (UC Berkeley): "Tensor Networks"

Overview Talks

Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley): "Introduction to Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity"
Anne Broadbent (University of Waterloo): "Delegated Quantum Computation"
Yaoyun Shi (University of Michigan): "Untrusted Quantum Devices"
Daniel Nagaj (University of Vienna): "Quantum Complexity and Condensed Matter Physics"
Zeph Landau (UC Berkeley): "The Complexity of Ground States"
Aram Harrow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "Application of Quantum Information Theory in QHC"
Patrick Hayden (Stanford University): "Quantum Information Measures and Black Holes"
Thomas Vidick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "The Quantum PCP Theorem"
Aram Harrow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): "SDP Hierarchies and Quantum States"
Daniel Nagaj (University of Vienna): "Many-body Physics and Complexity"
John Preskill (California Institute of Technology): "Simulating Quantum Field Theory with a Quantum Computer"

Click here for a set of introductory notes on the field of Quantum Hamiltonian Complexity intended to complement the Boot Camp.