This session will have a talk by Jerzy Weyman on "Quiver Theory" followed by a talk by Ketan Mulmuley giving a brief sketch of the systematic GCT program to cross the GCT chasm (the subject of the two tutorials on the first two days of the workshop) along with a discussion on the broader issues in the context GCT (including the more philosophical issues concerning the basic strategy of GCT and also concerning possible alternatives to GCT or alternative approaches to GCT).

Since the schedule of this workshop is very tight, it is requested that the questions during all earlier talks and tutorials in the workshop be confined to the specific technical issues in those talks and tutorials, and all questions concerning the broader/philosophical issues be reserved for the Friday wrap-up session. This session is very important, and so all the participants (and especially the ones who have broader questions concerning GCT) are encouraged to attend it.

Video Recording