Spring 2019

What All We've Been Up To at Knexus Research

Wednesday, Mar. 6, 2019 2:45 pm3:30 pm PST

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Christine Task (Knexus Research Corp)

Knexus Research is a small R&D company located in the DC area at National Harbor, MD.   We have over 13 years of experience moving research in AI and Data Science through the math, science and engineering steps necessary to make the jump from theory to practice.   We have three active projects in data privacy: As technical lead for the NIST Differentially Private Synthetic Data Challenge, Knexus is providing oversight and technical direction for the first national challenge in Differential Privacy.   For the US Census Bureau, the Knexus CenSyn team is providing evaluation, research, engineering and production software development support for Census privacy efforts.   And, with the DARPA Brandeis Program, Knexus is tackling the problem of developing noise-resistant decision metrics that can operate reliably over privatized data in critical contexts such as crisis detection.   At Knexus, our priority is to develop the tools and technologies necessary to facilitate safe, successful public adoption of new research concepts.  In this talk we'll describe our ongoing work and share lessons we've learned managing the challenges of data privacy applications.